The design of things has a lot to do with the feeling someone has with the product. Everybody thinks different and sees things different. Everybody has a certain feeling about products, especially the things they own themselve. Almost everybody has a mobile phone, and a lot of people have the same model, but it's the use in everyday life that make them unique. Every phone has different scratches or dents al causes by something the owner did. We get used to these imperfections and this is exactly what makes something so valuable for us. If you have had a Nokia 6310 for a long time and somebody else gives you his Nokia 6310 it will feel different, you will notice this is not your telephone and it won't feel as good as your own good old Nokia. It gives a kind of character to an object.

People want to customize their stuff. On the internet you can 'design' your own shoe, mobile phones and ipods come in 20 different colours, etc. People upgrade and customize their cars, theri interiors and their clothes. Eventhough most of the times the customization is limited to a couple of colours, some different layouts or just a few possibilities, but still this helps people to create a better feeling with their product.

If you want to have a product that matches exactly with your personal preferences, a product completely designed for you, you have to design it yourself. A proffesional designer can make a product that looks extremely beautifull, that fullfills our needs, that are easy to understand, and that we really like. But they can't make something personal, something we bond to. This can only be done by you.